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  Missionary Staff - Nathan and Annie Phillips

Nathan and Annie Phillips Nathan and Annie Phillips Recent Photo Portrait

Nathan Phillips

Nathan spent his first eight years out in the country near Clarksville, Tennessee. He grew up in a strong Christian home and made the decision to follow God when he was seven. After his family moved to Seattle, they continued to be active in their church. Nathan also volunteered as a leader in another youth group downtown. After studying Graphic Design at the Art Institute of Seattle, his friend presented him with the opportunity for an internship in Graphic Design with Bibles and Literature in French. Though his departure was delayed for two years by an attack of Multiple Sclerosis, he kept raising support and moving toward the work in France. “God said go. He didn’t say when,” he always said. After the one-year internship (2005/2006), Nathan knew his career would continue with BLF. Since he returned to France in 2008, he has become an integral part of the team there, and has grown beyond graphic design to also lead in inventory management and to serve in the local French church.

Nathan at work Nathan working at the BLF Publishing House, Marpent, France

Annie Phillips

Annie was born and raised in Bakersfield, California. She accepted Jesus’ salvation at a very young age, and when the youth group showed how God’s love could be personal, she fully embraced her relationship with God. Annie left home for college, and during those years felt the first pull into ministry while volunteering for her church’s AWANA program. Returning home from 6 years in Northern California, she worked with a small clinic and enjoyed representing the clinic all around the community. Annie’s first trip to France did not leave her with warm feelings toward the country, but after the experience on a BLF USA Impressions Team (2010), it was clear that God was guiding her to be a missionary. Bibles and Literature in French accepted Annie for a one-year trial period and then for full-time ministry work. She works to send out each order that comes to BLF quickly and efficiently and helps keep the store running smoothly.

Annie at work Anne working at the BLF Publishing House, Marpent, France

Nathan and Annie Phillips - Together

Nathan and Annie met when she came to BLF on an Impressions Team in 2010. Their friendship grew over the internet and Skype, and after Annie’s internship in France was finished, they returned together to the United States and were married in November 2012. They returned to France again in March 2013 to serve together at BLF.

Since their return, Nathan and Annie’s responsibilities have expanded even further! Nathan is now handling much of BLF’s graphic design needs including laying out the books page by page, as well as the other small graphic projects like newsletters, signs, business cards, etc. He is also very involved in keeping the inventory organized and up-to-date. Annie, too, is kept busy with the orders, ranging from 1-2 books all the way up to pallets packed with hundreds, even thousands of books. This year, she has also taken on more responsibility with entering the accounting data into the computer.

One of Nathan and Annie’s favorite tasks is working with the Impressions Teams that come to BLF during the summer. The progress that can be made with one team in just a few days is unimaginable if the BLF Europe staff were left to themselves! It’s always an encouragement to find new friends on the teams and show them a little of the differences between France and America – and the beauty in that diversity.

Nathan and Annie will return for a short furlough in America in the beginning of 2015. They will be traveling between California and Washington to see their family and friends. They are also looking forward to visiting their partner churches and updating people on the ministry of BLF Europe.

Prayer Requests

- Please pray as we begin to schedule our upcoming trip to the States in 2015. Pray that we would have many opportunities to visit friends and family and share about the ministry of BLF in churches and small groups.

- Pray also that our support would get back to 100%. We are currently at 91%.

- Praise God! Recently, we passed the bi-annual safety inspection for our car and had to have our windshield replaced. Through God’s provision the money was there and ready for those expenses.

- Praise God that Nathan’s Multiple Sclerosis has remained in remission. Pray that our health would remain good as we try to transition onto the French health system.

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