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Planned Giving - The Reciprocal Gift

Bob and Katie were both 75 years old, having retired several years earlier. The decrease in their income due to lower interest rates on their fixed-income investments (CDs, bonds and money market funds) was causing them increasing concern. None the less, their desire was to eventually support ministries such as BLF through their will...until they heard about Charitable Gift Annuities (CGA).

When Bob and Katie opened their CGA with a check for $25,000, they were immediately sent a tax deduction for a portion of their check. Subsequently, they received regular payments of $1,575 each year (6.3% of $25,000) for the remainder of their lives. This amount was calculated according to their age and life expectancy,

About 65% of these annual payments was tax-free. In addition, their new CGA worked together with the Donor Advised Fund that was set up to accommodate their recent allocation of funds, allowing them to recommend contributions they wanted made (even after their death) to various recipients, such as their church and their ministry of choice.

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