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/'im-pres-hun°teemImpressions Team

    1. a team effort making a mark for eternity.
    2. a tremendously rewarding experience for
        everyday people to serve Christ in short term
        missionary service.
    3. a setting conducive to spiritual growth.
    4. an ideal means of developing a vision for the
        French speaking world.

You can be part of an Impressions Team

    -No public speaking…
   - No special evangelism training needed…
    -No foreign language skills required…

Three types of teams are available

0.5% of French are Evangelicals. Even if Paris is known as the city of lights, spiritual darkness is the sad reality millions of people are facing. You are passionate about the Gospel? You have a heart for the lost? You want to experience the beauty of French culture? The Reach team is for you !

During your 10-day trip to France, you will:

-Help at our publishing house BLF Éditions (North of France) where evangelistic material is produced (1 or 2 days)

-Work alongside missionaries working in France to creatively share the Gospel through literature and other means (3 or 4 days)

-Experience the beauty of French culture with some sightseeing and food tasting (1 or 2 days)

-Encourage a local church by attending a church service (1 or 2 days)

God gave you practical skills and you would love to put them in action on the mission field ? The Build team is for you ! At BLF Éditions (North of France), we produce every year dozens of thousands of books that make an impact in the whole French-speaking world. And the building is an essential tool for the ministry. There is a great need for carpenters, builders, decorator, painters... to work on the main building. Whether it's fixing old areas or enhancing newer ones, your help will surely make a difference. This way, we keep working on what we do best when you get to do what you do best ! During your 10-day trip, you will:

-Work at our publishing house BLF Éditions (North of France) (6 to 8 days)

-Experience the beauty of French culture with some sightseeing and food tasting (1 or 2 days)

-Encourage a local church by attending a church service (1 day)

You're a high school or college student learning French ? You want to experience French culture but what you want most is finding out more about missions and what God is doing around the world ? Well, the Experience team is definitely for you then ! During your 10-day trip, you will:

-Help at our publishing house BLF Éditions (North of France) (2 or 3 days)

-Help missionaries working in France, listen to their stories and creatively share the Gospel through literature and other means (3 or 4 days)

-Get to know the youth group of a French church (1 day)

-Maybe visit a French school (1 day)

-Experience the beauty of French culture with some sightseeing and food tasting (1 or 2 days)

-Discover what God is doing in France through the local church by attending a church service (1 day)

Why should we go?

    -Because Jesus tells us to go and make disciples.
        (Some witness and teach; others support them in their efforts.)
        Helping provide literature is one practical way you can respond to that command.
    -To gain vision for the special opportunities with the French-speaking world
    -To experience another culture with its barriers and cultural differences
        in a controlled environment.
    -To gain life-changing knowledge, attitudes, perspectives, insight and
        understanding of your own culture.
    -To heighten your own dependence on God
    -To experience the excitement of obedience to God’s call outside your comfort zone.

Where will you be going?

France and Belgium

What will you do?

See details below

What would my time commitment be?

Eleven days. To maximize the time, you will leave the U.S. or Canada on a Thursday evening, arrive in France (via Brussels, Belgium) on Friday, and stay a week and three days, departing for home on Monday.

How many people make up a work team?

Eight (8), preferably all from one church, small group or Sunday School class, however, we can join smaller groups or individuals together with other small groups.

Who makes the international arrangements?

BLF staff will make all the arrangements for housing and transportation while in France and Belgium.  Our BLF USA IT Coordinator will work with the team leaders on flight arrangements (The cost of airfare is not included in the price of the trip).

On arrival you will be met by BLF personnel and later taken to your place of residence. All scheduled transportation costs are included in the package price. Meals are shared at the guest house or publishing house and are included in the package price (except when eating out). Click Here for photos of IT Facilities

Will you get to do sightseeing?

Yes! Your schedule has been structured to still do some sightseeing.
You’ll see great places like:

    -The Grand Place … the town square of Brussels, dating back to the 1500’s
    -Gaasbeek Castle or the Castle of the Counts (depending on time of year) …
        absolutely enchanting.
    -Brugge (a canal city in northern Belgium which boasts a town hall that dates
        back to 1250 AD and famed lace-making capital of Europe.
    -Paris, France (some additional cost)
    -The Fort Leveau and the memorial Of Lieutenant William Patton
    -Fosteau Castle
    -Maison De l’Imprimerie et des Lettres de Wallonie, Thuin
    -Harvre Castle
    -Site de BAVAY archéologie, France
    -Hydraulic Elevators at Strépy-Thieu Strépy-Bracquegnies
    -The Battle of the Bulge Bastogne, Belgium
    -The Secret Caves of Han-sur-Lesse (summer only)
    -Chateau De Bouillon- Godfrey of the Crusades

How much does it cost?

$700.00 per person (for a full team of eight people), plus airfare and personal spending money.

When can we go?

Impressions Teams are scheduled from March to October. Contact the BLF office for openings in the schedule. Hurry, space is limited.

Click here the link to the present schedule.

Impressions Team Details

Experience the thrill of missions involvement instead of just hearing great stories from others!

The teams to France each year give Christians an opportunity to experience the rewards of short-term missions, while giving them a vision for the spiritual needs of the French-speaking world.

The ideal team is made of 8 people, preferably (but not necessarily) from the same church or small group. The teams stay a total of eleven days, and are provided with a host couple to care for their daily meals and transportation.

Service: Each team spends 5 days in a variety of tasks: working in the publishing house, helping with maintenance of the facilities, as well accompanying some of the literature to its destination, and seeing its impact on the lives of French-speaking Europeans.

Team Evangelism Evangelism: Some teams hand out tracts, assist with the annual Bible Expo, or help a local missionary or church prepare for and conduct youth camps. Others may join a missionary in his or her daily task of evangelism and discipleship, getting a first hand, view of missions in France.

Aside from the practical benefit to BLF, team members will acquire life-changing perspectives on missions through firsthand involvement. They will experience language and cultural differences in a controlled environment, seeing and evaluating these differences from a Biblical perspective.

As they enjoy the unique privilege of worshiping with fellow-believers in a language and style different from their own, they will acquire a broader vision. As their horizons are widened, team members will be better equipped to walk in harmony with God as they minister in an unfamiliar environment.

Leadership: A Team Leader will challenge members to a deeper walk with God, and will disciple them in the areas of teamwork, accountability, and further mission involvement after the trip.

Team Playing TouristPlaying the tourist: Before the work week begins, and the weekend following, tours are conducted to places of interest in Belgium and France, such as the Grand Place in downtown Brussels and the canal city of Brugge.

For the current cost price of the trip contact the BLF office.

Up-Coming Teams’ Schedule

To make reservations or add your name to the waiting list, please contact our office.

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