Did you know.... ?

BLF’s focus is to reach the French-speaking world for Jesus Christ.

300 million speak French in this world.

Europe has about 75 million French speakers.

BLF needs your help in reaching this vast world of French-speakers.

Five countries in Europe speak French: France, Belgium, Monoco, Switzerland, Luxembourg.

Four of the five French-speaking countries have fewer than 1% Evangelical Christian.

Switzerland has a 4% Evangelical Christian population... but many of these live in the German part of the country.

Did you know..... ?

France has 66 million people and 99% of them do not know Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior.

That makes 60 million people who have......
   • Never gone to church.
   • Never heard of salvation in Jesus Christ.
   • Never heard of the possibility of having their sin forgiven.
   • Never heard of the Gospel.
   • Never heard of the Hope of Eternal Life.
   • Never heard they are going to a Christ-less eternity.
How will they hear if no one tells them?

Saudi Arabia and Pakistan both have more Christians per capita than does France; 1.5% and 0.9% respectively; France about 0.7%.

Church attendance in France is one of the lowest in Europe, 6 to 8% compared to 44% in the US.

80% of French people have never owned or even seen a Bible.

There are more occult practitioners in France than Christian workers; 50,000 : 35,000 respectively.

31% of French people consider themselves Atheists.

Did you know.... ?

Six of the ten poorest countries in the world are located in Africa. The Gross Domestic Product for these countries is about $600 per year per capita. That is less than most of us make in a week. Get all the details for poorest countries by typing “poorest countries” into Google.

The price of gas in France is $9.00 per gallon - and you thought $4.25 was bad.

Did you know.....?

There are eight principal political parties in France. Two are communist, one is socialist, three are conservative. The "Green Party" and the "Nature Traditionalists" round out the political options.

In France the people tend to be Gauliste, meaning conservative, or Mitterandist, meaning socialist. De Gaule and Mitterand were the two most famous and influential leaders of the political scene. The people are very emotional about politics in France. Politics tend to swing one side to the other at every election.

The French often refer to their country as the 'Hexagon' because of its geometric shape.

The French own French Guiana in South America and Saint-Martin which borders the Netherlands Antilles.

France is only about 80% the size of Texas.

Did you know.....?

Africa has more French-speaking countries than any other language.
   • Africa has 22 French-speaking countries.
   • Africa has over 200 million French-speakers.

Many French-speaking countries in Africa have a higher evangelical population than France. That's not too hard when France has less than 1%. Most, if not all, have a higher Evangelical population than France.

Did you know.... ?

The French education system is very different from the American. The French education system is highly centralized and organized. It is divided into three different stages - primary, secondary and higher education. Primary and secondary schools are predominantly public, yet some strong private schools exist with Catholic education.

France's education is the 25th best in the world, which is in the average range.

The modern era of French Education started at the end of the 19th Century. In the 1880's, a lawyer named Jules Ferry is widely credited for creating the modern Republic school by requiring all children under the age of 15 to attend. He made the public instruction free and secular.

All education programs in France are currently regulated by the Ministry of National Education. The Minister of National Education is one of the highest ranking officials in the French cabinet.

Did you know... ?

Teachers in France in the public schools are state civil servants.

The curriculum in public primary and secondary schools is the same for all French students at any given grade level. Yet there are some options a student can select.

In France, academic councils called "academies" supervise all aspects of University education. The French territory is divided into 35 academies, 26 in the mainland of France and 9 in the French overseas territores. The Academies are divided into 3 different zones.

Schooling in France is mandatory by age six but many parents start sending their children at age three.

Schools in France often teach on Saturday but are closed on Wednesday. Many African countries in which French is the legal language follow the French curriculum.

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